Erin Poetter

Erin Poetter Policy Analyst Office of Consumer eHealth, ONC

Erin Poetter joined ONC in 2009 as a Health IT Policy Analyst where she led efforts to update the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan, an important tool that guides Federal efforts and investments in health IT over the next several years.  After publishing the Plan, she joined ONC’s newly created Consumer eHealth Program where she manages a portfolio of projects and activities related to engaging patients and their caregivers to lead healthier lives through the use of technology.  She oversees the development of tools and resources, including a Health IT Animated Video (, that explain the benefits of health IT to the American public, and a research project that analyzes the impact of patient feedback into the medical record.  She also leads innovation scanning efforts at ONC to monitor current and impending innovations and technology trends. Prior to joining the government, Erin was an Acting Marketing Manager at the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions for nearly four years where she managed marketing and communications activities to support the development and dissemination of the Center’s health services research.    

Erin holds a Masters in Public Health–Health Policy from George Washington University and a bachelors of science in business from Wake Forest University.