National Institutes of Health mHealth Public-Private Partnership
Wednesday, December 5 - 1:30 - 4:00 PM

Session Overview

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is developing a Public-Private partnership (PPP) to address a profound public need to better utilize mobile technologies to improve health research, health care and health prevention efforts. This mHealth PPP is expected to start in 2013, as a collaboration of stakeholders with the objective to support targeted projects carried out jointly by the mHealth PPP partners to accelerate the science of mHealth, generate information on the mHealth regulatory and payment landscapes, and create an infrastructure for supporting education and integration of stakeholders on mHealth opportunities and challenges. This meeting will provide interested members of the industry, academic and government communities information about the PPP, including the time frame for its development and opportunities for participation.  

Session Objectives

  • Provide interested members of industry, academic and government communities information about the NIH mHealth Public-Private Partnership.
  • Describe the current status of the PPP and future time frame for development of the PPP.
  • Discuss potential projects that the PPP might address early in its development.   


Wendy Nilsen
Health Scientist Administrator

Robert Kaplan