Monday Sessions

Monday, December 3

7:30 - 8:45 AM

Survey Highlights from the HIMSS 2012 Mobile Technology Survey
This session will present information on current industry trends around the use of mobile technology, including barriers and benefits to use.  The session will also explore the maturity of mobile technology policies in healthcare organizations. 

Monday, December 3

4:15 - 5:30 PM

Communications, Security & Location in mHealth Applications and Solutions 
Methods of communications to patients and between doctors are now going mobile.  Location and Security are very important in many of these applications, along with the many options involved in these solutions around security, encryption, location, and options of use.



Exporting mHealth:  Opportunities, Challenges & Success Stories 
This session would feature perspectives on the global  market opportunities  for exporting mHealth products and services overseas.


Medical Device Security:  Procurement Driven by Stakeholder Developed Requirements
Mobile health device security has emerged as a critical issue. Present wherever a patient might be found, mobile health devices are crossing all healthcare enterprise boundaries and are increasingly prevalent both inside and outside of the healthcare enterprise.


Evidence Matters:  mHealth Evidence Status and Approaches
This session will provide an overview of the status of evidence surrounding mHealth, and offer multidimensional perspectives on actionable pathways to improving the quality and quantity of this evidence.


StartUp Health Roundtable:  The State of Innovation in Mobile Health 
StartUp Health's CEO Steven Krein will moderate a dynamic roundtable featuring a diverse group of the country's leading thought leaders in mHealth innovation.


How T-Mobile and Samsung are Changing the Face of Healthcare Through Mobility
T-Mobile and Samsung have partnered together to provide the latest trends, best practices, and lessons learned as mobile and wireless technologies come of age. 


Mobile Applications & Social Media - Do They Impact Consumer Health 
This session will explore how people’s engagement with mobile applications and social media is starting to impact engagement, management and healthy actions. 


The Platform for Wireless Health Inside Your Hospital 
This panel will discuss the platform for wireless health inside and outside the hospital.  

Moving Health Services from Hospital to Home:  How to Scale? How to Deploy?
This discussion will provide an overview of the utility of the connectivity standards framework developed by Continua Health Alliance and focus on the deployment of connected devices in the real world of monitoring patients at home.