Keynote Speakers

MOnday, december 9

Morning Keynote
Chairman and CEO



Mobile: The Largest Health and Wellness Platform
Mobile is by far the largest technology platform, enhancing the lives of billions of people around the globe. Because of its scale and reach, it continues to be the focal point of technological innovation that is transforming every aspect of daily life. For years, health care has been recognized as an area where mobile technology can play a direct and lasting role in improving people’s quality of life. Fortunately, our collective good thinking is now being realized in products and services that ordinary people and healthcare providers alike can get their hands on. From fitness-tracking devices and apps that encourage a healthier lifestyle, to remote monitoring of patients with chronic conditions, mHealth is moving from theory to adoption and from pilot to scale. More than ever, the largest technology platform is becoming the largest health and wellness platform. 

Tuesday, December 10

Danish Minister of Health
mHealth and Telemedicine – a Danish Perspective 
The Danish Government sees patient empowerment as a backbone of future health care.  Informed and empowered patients are more likely to deal with their own health issues leading to better and more efficient treatment and care.  For this reason, the uptake of personal mobile health technology is a key priority for Danish Minister for Health, Mrs. Astrid Krag.
Denmark is among the frontrunners when it comes to uptake of mHealth and telemedicine.  Based on ambitious government programs, telemedical solutions are implemented on a large scale across the health services.
In order to further harvest the benefits of telemedicine, a common it-infrastructure based on internationally set standards is being established.  The goal is to enable end-to-end delivery of health data between patients and health professionals and to allow companies to conduct large scaling testing of new products aimed at international markets – making patient safety and improved quality of life go hand in hand with better level of treatment and attractive opportunities for companies and researchers.
Grameen Movement
Mobile & Social Business: A bridge to better health for the world’s poorest communities
Access to affordable and reliable healthcare remains a significant barrier encountered by many people living in low and middle income countries. Social businesses, especially those focusing on mobile technologies, are an effective strategy for bringing affordable healthcare to many of the poorest communities. Using social businesses to promote the use and scale up of mHealth can empower both the patient and the healthcare provider, while strengthening the broader healthcare system.  With less than 1000 days before the deadline for achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals, it is now more important than ever to reflect on progress made and encourage investments in proven strategies for scaling up mHealth to reach the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Wednesday, December 11




Mobile Apps and More: Harnessing Technology’s Power for Patient Care and Public Health
Commissioner Hamburg will discuss the significance and background of the FDA’s guidance on Mobile Medical Applications and will talk about the role of medical apps and other developments in medical technology within the broader context of improving patient care and responding to public health challenges.