Mobile Health Interoperability:  Standards and Innovation
Wednesday, December 11 - 2:30 - 4:00 PM

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Session Overview

This session, in its second year, will be dedicated to providing an overview of the growth of standards-based interoperability in mHealth technology focusing on integrating biomedical health devices. Participants will hear from leaders in Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), associations and industry professionals about the challenges of mobile device integration, trends in interoperability, new standards for interoperability under development, and regulatory concerns with the growth of mobile, medical devices in the healthcare enterprise. 
Panelists will explore standards and their impact on innovations. Key questions that will be addressed include: Are we getting closer to domestic and global standards that will facilitate greater creativity, quicker product turn-around and regulatory approvals?  Do standards co-exist and integrate, or, do they still ‘fight’ each other when it comes to HIT and biomedical devices? 

Session Objectives

  • Understand the challenges of interoperability in the mHealth environment focusing on  mobile health devices both in clinical and non-clinical (home, nursing facilities, etc.) settings
  • Learn about leading edge standards development for interoperable mobile devices in healthcare; Understand the regulatory challenges of integrating mobile medical devices and applications in care delivery
  • Understand the key factors in the interplay of standards and innovation, how standards can help instead of restrict innovation 


Senior Director, Interoperability and Standards
Vice President, Business Development & Operations
Center for Medical Interoperability
Executive Director
Continua Health Alliance
Senior Manager