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Games for Health University

Sunday, December 7, 2014 - 1:00 - 5:30 PM

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Today organizations big and small are exploring the use games and gamification to achieve outcomes in health & health care including therapies, training, adherence, prevention, exercise, and many forms of wellness. Games for Health University is a 1/2 day tutorial presented by Ben Sawyer of the Games for Health Project which focuses on the critical how-to issues for developing games for health & health care. Mr. Sawyer has built over two-dozen games for use beyond entertainment including projects in health involving walking, sensors, HIV prevention, healthcare training, care quality, and patient empowerment. 

After a quick introduction to the gamut of activity in the games for health field this tutorial spends the bulk of its time explaining how to properly utilize games and game technologies for your specific need. Topics covered will include design patterns for health games, key technology platforms, how to find and hire talent, costs and budgeting, and critical issues for producing products through to deployment.

Anyone looking to learn more about games and gamification for health can benefit from this deep tutorial, but especially attendees from organizations that may be considering or currently undertaking their own development projects.




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