Department of Commerce

US DOC Town Hall:  What is the Commercial Significance of mHealth?

Wednesday, December 11 - 2:30 - 4:00 PM

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Session Overveiw

USG officials and industry representatives will discuss the commercial significance of mHealth; acknowledged to be important in diagnostics, education and other aspects of healthcare.  
For the first time mHealth as a separate and discrete sector could be integrated into international Trade talks and considered as part of national public health budgets. 
What are the markets?  The rules, standards, and other aspects of mHealth that will affect international delivery of healthcare?  What are the concerns of the industry and the public health community?  What rules and standards will likely result?  What are the challenges and how can collaborative stakeholder relationships be forged to overcome them? 
This is your opportunity to bring your issues to the negotiators.

Session Objectives

  • To hear from industry re the needs/challenges of integrating mHealth into trade talks and the desired results
  • To integrate issues, needs and desired results of industry in pending trade discussions/positions
  • To underscore the importance of integrating mobile health technologies and services into pending international trade negotiations


Nancy Carter-Foster
Carter-Foster International, LLC
Founder & Chairman
Pompeya Lambrecht
U.S. Dept. of Commerce
World Health Organization