Mental Health: The Huge Challenge and Opportunity
Tuesday, December 10 - 5:00  - 6:00 PM


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Session Overview

mHealth has been primarily focused on physical health.  Yet the number one cause of DALYs in middle income countries and the developed world (and rising fast in the developing world) is depression according to WHO.  Mental illness affects over 450 million people worldwide, yet 2/3 of depressed people in America do not receive adequate treatment.   
Utilization of mHealth technologies holds significant potential for improving access and transforming quality of care for hundreds of millions facing mental illness and addiction disorders.  The connection between physical and behavioral health is well-established, but even with the current focus in the US on ACOs and health homes, most do not yet include behavioral mHealth.  This panel will present the opportunity for transformed, models of low cost, integrated care and first class research, in both behavioral health alone, and when integrated with physical health.  We will discuss an ecosystem of mobile apps, remote diagnostics and monitoring, patient portals, and social networks, supported by robust predictive analytics and applied within a national research virtual collaborative.

Session Objectives

  • Share examples of leading mobile innovations in behavioral health 
  • Discuss mHealth research within the context of mental health treatment and opportunities to support further innovation 
  • Introduce the opportunity with Centerstone Research Institute’s Knowledge Network collaborative to undertake large scale innovation and research partnerships.


David Aylward
Senior Advisor of Global Health and Technology


Associate Director, Dissemination and Implementation Research
Executive Vice President
Northwestern University