Selecting & Implementing mHealth Technologies
Wednesday, December 5 - 1:30 - 3:00 PM

Session Overview

Mobile health (mHealth) has quickly moved from concept to reality. Technologies have become more user-friendly, affordable, and powerful. New devices, form factors, apps, and methods of connectivity have given healthcare providers a broad array of tools to better care for patients, gain efficiencies, and reduce cost.
Too often though, technology with amazing potential is hindered by insufficient attention to implementation, integration, on-going management and the user experience. This situation is especially problematic for the hundreds of thousands of small and mid-size healthcare practices that may lack deep IT resources and expertise.
Join us for a candid conversation to identify the questions you should be asking when searching for help with your mHealth and related projects. Hear from IT solution providers working in the mHealth space who can offer insights into the technologies and solutions available, including those well suited for small and mid-size healthcare practices. Gain insights from CompTIA’s 3rd Annual Healthcare IT research report featuring the opinions of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers on what is working and not working with technology at their practices.

Session Objectives

  • Discussion of the steps and considerations when implementing mHealth technologies
  • Identify strategies for overcoming mHealth implementation and management challenges
  • Understand the role of IT solution providers in maximizing the return on mHealth investments


Tim Herbert
Vice President of Research

Kevin McDonald
Executive Vice President
Alvaka Networks

Jeff Watts
Health IT Consultant/Owner
Tech Please LLC