M2M Delivery & Securing Electronic Health Records in the Cloud
Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 11:35 AM - 12:50 PM

Session Overview

Given the broad scope of the eHealth sector, many groups are pursuing agendas—and standards—that suit their immediate needs, ATIS is taking this as an opportunity to play a leading role in unifying standards across eHealth sectors. The organization is identifying areas of commonality at the service layer from a machine-to machine perspective, with the goal of ensuring optimal use of ICT capabilities. ATIS assessments have determined that, to enable today’s emerging applications, the M2M service layer needs to support a wide range of characteristics.  

Security is another part of the eHealth equation. As more patient information is stored electronically, the potential for this information to be compromised grows. The sensitivity of patient data is the main factor in the increased costs for storing eHealth records. To address these concerns, ATIS also is developing a robust framework to address security and management issues specific to eHealth records in the cloud. 
During this session, experts from ATIS member companies will explore the future of M2M applications in the healthcare industry as well as potential solutions for securing electronic health records in the cloud.


David Foote

Bela Sandor