Reasons to Attend

The mHealth Summit Convenes an Array of Healthcare Stakeholders Focused on the Integration of mHealth and Wireless Solutions to Improve Systemic Healthcare Systems, Patient Outcomes, and Access to care and Customer Satisfaction Including:

  • Healthcare providers and managers of mobile tech: hospitals, clinics, physician networks, health centers, nurse call centers, mobile clinics, VA, rural reach and military theaters of operation
  • Payers, insurance companies, self-insuring companies, etc.
  • The technology and developer communities
  • Public health and healthcare professionals
  • Pharma, life sciences, researchers and academics
  • Policy makers
  • Corporations and businesses
  • Investors and financial communities
  • Military servicemen and women

‚ÄčThe mHealth Summit is YOUR forum to:


Hear what the experts are thinking about and doing in areas such as:

  • Data trends and impacts

  • Redesigning Care Delivery

  • Redesigning Consumer/Patient /Provider  Communications

  • Worldview of the impact of mHealth in developing and developed countries

  • Redesigning financial models for care delivery and preventive health

  • Redefining Pharma and Life Sciences roles in the delivery and preventive processes


Use the Networking Reception, VIP events and sessions to exchange ideas with global thought leaders, innovators and professionals!
  • Leading-edge C-level Industry Decision Makers from the Mobile Operators/Carriers, Pharma, Life Sciences, Multi-national Corporations & Technology Companies
  • Finance & Investment Professionals
  • Federal and State Health Professionals
  • Researchers
  • Developers, Designers, Technologists & Engineers
  • Country Leaders
  • Policy Makers, Government Representatives, Ministries of Health, Regulatory Agency Executives
  • Inter-governmental organizations like World Bank, WHO, PAHO, ITU, UNICEF, OECD
  • Non- Governmental Organization and Community Based Organization Executives
  • Consumer and Patient Advocates
  • Insurance Companies and Payers
  • Integrated Delivery Network Professionals and Accountable Care Organizations
  • Finance & Investment Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and Innovators
  • Consultants, Strategists, Project Managers and Integrators
  • Legal Counselors specializing in health, technology, IP, policy, etc.


Efficiently and cost effectively move business forward and use the summit to:
  • Meet with Your Clients and Potential Customers 
  • Meet current and prospective Technology Partners
  • Meet with Consultants and Strategists
  • Meet with Affiliated Organizations


Attend the Venture+ Forum and get the exposure and capital you need at any stage:
  • Startup
  • 2nd Round
  • Mid-Market


Enable policy makers to better understand the industry to ensure policies make sense and meet today’s challenges
  • Attend Policy Sessions
  • Participate in Policy Town Hall 
  • Hear updates from key federal agencies


Interact with the researchers facilitating the development and commercialization of empirically- supported solutions: 
  • Spend time reviewing the interactive Poster Section on the Exhibit floor
  • Engage in the multiple educational sessions delivered by top researchers a from cross the globe


See the latest products, services, applications and solutions driving the redesign of the healthcare delivery system:  
  • Spend time on the Exhibit Floor to Meet the Companies and People that are transforming the industry, and experience how the healthcare delivery paradigm is changing
  • Attend sessions given by leading strategists 


The summit provides the perfect forum for the best in mobile health to come to market.
  • Attend special product introductions on the Exhibit Floor
  • Meet the innovators launching new services and products 
  • Meet the partners collaborating on new products and services
  • Meet the PR and Media teams covering the industry and product launches 


Take advantage of Media presence at the summit to advance business objectives, create media buzz and help bring products to market:  
  • International and National Media are looking for the hottest new trends and innovations
  • Exhibit on the show floor for maximum exposure to media 
  • Reach a Global Audience through the social media connections and programs delivered by the summit before, during and after the event